A Table doesn't have to be just Beautiful

230 cm of barrel-veneered wood top make the ECLIPSE model majestic, contemporary, elegant.
The ends of the table tighten slightly creating that effect of movement capable of embellishing the piece even more and giving the idea of ​​bringing the diners even closer.
Because a table doesn't have to be just beautiful. A table must be the tool that generates union, joy, complicity. Sitting around a table means wanting to weave speeches, deepen, clarify, collide, also, and then reconcile.

We know this and that is why in addition to design, we also take care of our convenience and comfort. We want to see you feel good and if we do it with beautiful tools, we have achieved our goal.

The Eclipse top is tobacco colored in perfect harmony with the GINEVRA chairs , also majestic with a backrest that accompanies the back to the most ergonomic position possible, from the base to the shoulders.
The seat is in soft soft-touch vintage tobacco color effect and the structure in painted wood.

Be comfortable, the beauty is served!

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